Hi, my name is Stefan

Consultant, Archtitect + Developer

Quality and Inovation is my passion


Stefan Vornh├╝lz

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Cloud architecure


HTML5 90%
CSS3 90%
PHP 70%
SQL 80%

Cloud containers

The most innovative topic currentl yis container based server architecture. Having AWS, Google and Azure as the main driver for the implementation of scaleable on demand pieces of a server platform.

  Beautiful Code

I write clean, semantic, organized, and valid markup that eliminates excess code and allows others to easily understand and therfore update content in the future.


Responsive web design means that your website will work on any screen size, from desktops to mobile phones alike. Having a website that works well across all devices and screen sizes means your website has a broader reach, appealing to more visitors.


From a static single page website to a full fledged database driven web app, I build websites that give your organization the potential to succeed.

Recent Work


CRM Migration

Moving a legacy system into a new platform


Implementing cloud based server

Moving existing platform to cloud container

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